Green Canyon, a little Heaven in Ciamis

Green Canyon save tremendous charm. A combination of rivers, green valleys, forests, and various stalactites-stalagmites. The beauty wrapped in silence, like a hidden paradise.

Green Canyon began to be developed in 1989, but initially do not have the dock, so many passengers scrambling boat. But after managed by the local tourism departmeny, which could operate the boat is limited to 20 boats per day. The boat belonged to the people here, there are about 75 boats registered.

Green Canyon, or often called by the local community which means Cukang Taneuh land bridge, located in the Village Kertayasa, District Cijulang, Ciamis, West Java. The distance is about 31 kilometers from Pangandaran, or about 393 Km from Jakarta. The name Green Canyon itself was popularized by Frank and Astrid, a tourist from France and Switzerland, who in 1990 came to Cukang Taneuh.

From the Cisereuh’s pier, tourists along the river greenish water. The boat could only carry a maximum of five passengers and staffed by only two people in charge of operating the motor and another set direction and maintain the front passenger.
Along the way occasionally seen lizard swimming in the river and disappeared into the bushes. The river was cut Cijulang protected forest is still dense trees and inhabited by wild animals one lizard.

The distance from the pier to Cukang Taneuh about 3 kilometers or taken within 15 minutes. Apparently the 
trip was not much, other phenomena scenery is still stored in it. Actually this Cijulang River divides the cliff, but there are parts where the land bridge formed that connects the top of the cliff. Local community recreation area was named Cukang Taneuh which means the land bridge.

Once off the boat and climbed the rocks to the bottom of the bridge over the land, natural beauty in view. On both sides of the river green towering cliffs, there are several parts of stalactites and stalagmite, as well as wall reliefs that form a natural rock over millions of years more to make tourists chuckled admiringly.

Not only that, if tourists want to see more beautiful scenery can swim around again in the 10th with a buoy. Once there, the most amazing sights posted before, the rush of water that resembles the endless rain and wet rock cliff wall. This area is called Eternal Rain, because walalupun drought, water coming out of the cliff wall was never subsided. In the 15-meter-high cliff we'll find the bathing pool whoever believed bathing in it will stay young, smooth soul mate and more fotunes.

Eight hours trip from Jakarta to reach this small heaven. No Minimum Payout
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