A.W.Surveys, Paid Online Survey or SCAM.....???

Yesterday, I tried to follow one of paid online surveys, following an email in my Yahoo. In my confusion about this paid online survey is SCAM or not, I do my best job to browse these paid online survey in Google.

Hmmm…. maybe from my started story, you have one question about the name of this paid online survey.. .:-) OK, this paid online survey is A.W.Surveys.

After I did my browse, I found some articles and comments that said A.W.Surveys just a SCAM. A.W.Surveys didn’t pay them....!!!

In the other hand, some members of A.W.Surveys received their payment. Finally I found an article from paid member that said A.W.Surveys didn’t pay their member caused they break the term. Usually they have broken A.W.Surveys terms about social media promoting and spamming. And the other point, you must use static IP to complete their survey, don’t try in Internet Cafes.

For welcome survey, they pay $6, plus the other first surveys, you'll get about $27 for your first visiting ... :-)

At the end, I made decision to be their member. I think it’s nothing to lose to try it and if it SCAM, I’m not loss money... Just lost my sweat to type this post… ;-)

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