Night Surfing on Bali

For the first time, the surfing competition (night surfing) was held in the night by Odysseys surf school at Kuta Beach, Bali on Tuesday, December 1, 2009.

The competition was attended 70 participants both from Indonesia, Europe and Australia, participated by 65 male surfers and 15 female surfers.

Surfing committee was set up three types of sky light lamps light with 4000 watts of power which always follow the direction of the surfers to find their waves. But unfortunately many surfers do not get the light caused they looked for a location too far from the headlight.

The other purpose for this surfing event is more introduced to domestic tourist who usually reluctant to see on the beach with hot reasons and fear of fire and black leather.

Kuta beach, Bali was crowded with many tourist, most foreigners provide their support to participants who were acting on the roll of the waves. Some of those who tried to watch from close range should be run to avoid the sea water began to pair.

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