HIV/AIDS reached 18,442 in Indonesia

HIV/AIDS infected in Indonesia until the end of September have reached 18,442 peoples in 32 provinces and 300 districts / cities with a 3:1 ratio between men and women.

"The way the cumulative cases of AIDS transmission through heterosexual 49.7%, 40.7% IDU, and homosexual 3.4%," said Tjandra Yoga Aditama, Indonesia Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health (Dirjen P2PL Depkes).

He tells the proportion of the highest cumulative AIDS cases in the age group 20-29 years (49.57%), followed by the 30-39 year age group (29.84%) and 40-49 years group (8.71%). He revealed the release today warning related to World AIDS Day December 1.

The most of HIV/AIDS cases, he said, occurred in West Java, East Java, DKI Jakarta, Papua, Bali, West Borneo, Central Java, North Sumatra, Riau and Riau Islands.

According to Tjandra, the cumulative rate of National AIDS cases to 30 September is 8.15 per 100,000 population (based on 2006 BPS data, Indonesia's population 227,132,350 inhabitants).

While the rate is highest cumulative AIDS cases reported from Papua Province (17.9 times the national rate), Bali (5.3 times), DKI Jakarta (3.8 times the national), Kep. Riau (3.4 times), West Borneo (2.2 times the national rate), Maluku (1.8 times), West Papua (1.3 times), Kep. Bangka Belitung (1.4 times), and Riau (1.0 times the national rate).

The proportion of AIDS cases are reported to have died was 20.1%. Opportunistic infections are the most TB cases 9849, 5477 of chronic diarrhea, candidiasis orofaringeal 5395, dermatitis generalisata 1406, 667 cases of limfadenopati generalisata .

In this quarter, he added, the addition of AIDS cases is 743 cases. While the death of people living with HIV decreased from 46% in 2006 to be 17% in 2008.

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