Fly Naked... Fly Nude... Fly In The Buff

I’m just found this slogan of Naked-air. Maybe for some people this is so crazy for an airplane with Naked named.
But it’s a true, this is flight for nude recreation. Naked Air is operated by Castaways Travel, a leading travel company in Houston who specializing in Nude and Adult travel fun.

What do you think with naked passengers? When do the passengers nude? How about their dress in airport? All professionally dressed crew remained clothed throughout the flight, adhering to standard operating rules of the Federal Aviation Association (FAA). Only the passengers disrobed after "take off" and remained nude for level flight until the captain called for clothes and landing procedures upon approaching the Cancun International Airport.

Flight rules you may or may not find in the FAA regulations that applied to the Naked Air flight:
1) Crew remained clothed throughout the flight
2) Passengers only disrobed
3) Inappropriate behavior was not condoned
4) No hot coffee was served!
5) Cabin temperature was carefully controlled by the captain for nude passengers
6) Complimentary towels provided for all nude passengers

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Bunglon Blog said...

well something like this really happen?
very interesting and full of sensation